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🔞🥵 Fully Released - 24/03/2021 What's in between Greece and Syria… #romance #Romance #amreading #books #wattpad Lips Aesthetic, Sheer Lip Color, Loona Kim Lip, Lip Wallpaper, Kissing Lips, Tom Ford Beauty, Girls Lips, Matte Texture, Kissable Lips

Rulebook for Cheaters (GXG)

🔞🥵 Fully Released - 24/03/2021 What's in between Greece and Syria? 🇹🇷. 2,418 miles from 🇲🇦 and the holiday of a lifetime w/ a book as Aurora's guide to a complicated love triangle between her long standing relationship and whirlwind love affair. The potential downsides? Possible love, heartbreak, and disappointments 🌚 -- Author's Note: This book is overridden w/ cliches & stereotypes +++ full explicit scenes 🔥 So yes, it contains smut, love triangle & adultery. Because - which…

Anne Gaëlle François
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Anna Sui

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A Shockingly Effective Way to Keep Lips Smooth This Season, Using a Tool You Already Own

I'm busy writing a magazine article about the best ways to care for skin during winter, and in the meantime, I've given my own skin care routine a nice seasonal boost. One step I've added is more regularly exfoliating my lips before bed and then applying balm, so that my lip color doesn't get caught in chappy patches during the day. And the best tool I've found for doing this isn't a fancy lip scrub (though those are always fun), a washcloth, or the oft-recommended baby toothbrush (misses…