Liquid castile soap

Discover the many benefits and versatile uses of liquid castile soap. From gentle cleansing to natural household cleaning, find out how this eco-friendly soap can revolutionize your daily routine.
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How to make liquid castile soap without using lye! Make it from bar of castile soap. Castile soap is made with olive oils. Use your liquid to make laundry detergent, homemade shampoo, or natural cleaning products. You can also use it to wash your hands or as a natural shampoo. It cleanses your body. Or use it as a natural cleaner for your home. #diy #castilesoap

Cheryl Windsor
Make Your Own Liquid Soap - Make Your Own Liquid Soap! I save up to $26 per 64 oz of soap this way! #diysoap #liquidsoap #castilesoap #frugalliving

My family goes through a lot of soap. We particularly go through a lot of castile soap, which makes sense because we use it in practically everything! We use castile soap for our body wash, hand soap, dish soap, shaving, scrubbing, and probably a lot more! I used to buy liquid soap by the jugful but then I wondered, can you make your own liquid soap? I used to pay about $30 for 64 oz of Dr. Bronners or Dr. Woods. Now looking at those numbers, I guess you could say that it doesn’t seem very…

Courtney Marie