Machining projects

Explore a collection of innovative machining projects that will inspire your creativity and help you take your skills to the next level. Discover new techniques and ideas to enhance your machining abilities.
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10 Best Addi Knitting Machine Patterns (Rare-Finds from Projects of Avid Knitters!) -

An Addi Knitting Machine allows you to knit fabrics both in flat and in the round techniques. So there are many knitters, such as you, who love this machine because it can also create designs where flat pieces are required. You may have already mastered the basic types of knitting stitches so you want to […]

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40 easy sewing projects for beginners to try in 2020

Looking for some easy sewing projects? Here’s a list of 50 fun and quick items you can make even if you are a sewing novice.

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