Make do and mend

Learn how to make the most of what you have and mend your belongings with these creative ideas. Start saving money and reducing waste by repurposing and repairing your items today.
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Make Do and Mend (1943) I heard of "Make do and mend" years ago - as a concept. More recently, I was exploring my mending resources and I realized I did not have a copy of any British pamphlets from the World War II era when "Make Do and Mend" was a thing. Obviously I googled away, but it was not available anywhere I could find. Then it dawned on me I could just buy it, because such pamphlets were widely distributed. Reproduction prints are available but it's not worth it, because the real…

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How do you decide which darning/mending technique to use? Some questions to consider: -is the patch going to be visible or will it blend in? -what type of garment are you repairing? -how much time do you want to spend mending? When it comes to mending, there is never an exact yes or no answer. It is (almost) always th

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The environment and the impact that people have on it is one of the most important topics in today’s world. So it’s no surprise for a lot of people that the fashion industry is known as one of the most polluting industries. Having this in mind, a lot of brands, companies, and organizations have started initiatives and programs to make a positive change towards a better tomorrow.

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