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Uncover the rich cultural significance of Maori symbols and their meanings. Explore the top Maori symbols and their interpretations to gain a deeper understanding of this ancient culture.
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Maori Taonga - Maori Jewellery Reference by Hapuka on DeviantArt

Description Haere Mai (Welcome Everyone!), feel free to use this as reference for any Maori carvings you may be interested in doing. You can also combine different the different forms presented here (as often done) to create a piece that has multiple meanings (this is ideal if you intend to make one as a gift). The Taonga (treasures) are usually always given as gifts (especially your first carved pieces which are usually given to a master or parent/guardian or other equivalent). Materials…

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Koru (Spiral) | Greenstone Pounamu | Jade Necklaces | Mountain Jade NZ

Resembling the unfurling frond of the native New Zealand silver fern, our Koru necklaces, crafted from authentic pounamu, capture the essence of growth, renewal, and harmony in Māori culture. Symbolizing new beginnings and inner peace, each spiral design embodies the beauty of natural forms and the timeless traditions of Aotearoa. These designs are commonly used in Māori art as a symbol of life and creation. Explore other designs incorporating the Koru.

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