Marathon training for beginners

Start your marathon training journey with confidence. Learn essential tips and strategies for beginners to help you successfully prepare for and conquer your first marathon.
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Going from ‘couch to marathon‘ is an epic undertaking – and a huge adventure! In this post, I will walk through our proven ‘couch to marathon‘ method, outline the main training principles to follow, and

Kris Kinner-Clemens
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Running a marathon is an incredible accomplishment. It never truly gets easier, but here are 15 things I wish I'd known before running my first marathon.

Crystal DeLancy
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This 6-month marathon training plan is perfect for new runners, or runners with some experience under their belt! As with all our training plans, it is available for free in PDF and other formats in both miles and

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This post is all about Half Marathon Training Plans For Beginners. The Ultimate Half Marathon Training Plans For Beginners If you've signed up for your first (or second) half marathon, congrats! Now it's the hard part... you have to put in the graft and dedicate time to make sure you stay consistent with your training plan. The sooner you start training for your half marathon, the better prepared you will be!I ran my first half marathon in 2022 and I followed a 10 week training programme. Be

Shelby Ankrom
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Discover how you can go from couch potato to marathon runner with our comprehensive guide. Learn the essential training techniques, tips, and advice you need to prepare yourself for the ultimate endurance race. Start your journey today.

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Our 16 Week Marathon Training Plan is for beginner to intermediate runners who are looking to get marathon-ready. Perhaps you’re getting ready for your first marathon, or you’ve run a marathon or two in the past and are looking for