Maternity dress pattern

Discover fashionable maternity dress patterns to create stylish and comfortable outfits during your pregnancy. Find the perfect pattern to showcase your baby bump and feel confident.

Sew maternity clothes yourself? Of course, expectant mothers think twice about whether it's worth it. After all, the duration of a pregnancy is limited. On the other hand, the selection of fashionable maternity dresses is not exactly impressive. And at the latest when everyone turns up in the same look for the birth preparation course, you want something individual. This is a playful maternity dress that will give you pleasure for a long time. The “Johanna” model is a playful dress with…

Christina Moon Warner

Today, I will be jumping into the very big M topic ! I am now 6 months pregnant and I am trying to figure out what I wll wear during my third trimester. Until now, I had to make/purchase very few i…

Rachel Horne