Metal siding chicken coop

Discover innovative design ideas for chicken coops using metal siding. Create a durable and stylish home for your feathered friends with these top ideas.
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My chicken coops have always had metal roofs, and now I’m trying out metal siding, on the grounds that I want anything I build to last 20 years without maintenance, and the exterior plywood I’ve been using doesn’t deliver that. [Update: Seven years after writing this blog post, the corrugated metal walls are holding up … Continue reading "Metal Siding on Chicken Coops"

Michele Smith
The Cozy Coop - use the old storage building to re-purpose to a coop Garages, Chicken Coop, Small Farm, Coop, Building A Chicken Coop, Pet Food Storage, Homesteading, Chicken Farm, Shed

I am so excited to be sharing pictures of our chicken house today... mostly because it means we are finally in the final stages of completion. It seems like we have been working on it for months, and really, I guess we have been! BEFORE: It all started back in January with an ugly shed that was on the property when we bought our house. Ugly it may have been, but it was the only outbuilding and we were thankful for the storage it provided. Justus sketched up a plan that included it as the…

LaVonne Davis Pinkston