Mia 3

Achieve a glowing complexion with Mia 3, the ultimate skincare tool. Discover how Mia 3 can transform your skincare routine and unlock your natural radiance.
Stuttgart, Mia And Me Characters, Mia And Me Fanart, Disney Cartoon Movies, Mia And Me, Disney Princess Artwork, Cartoon Books, Cute Galaxy Wallpaper, Production Design

Mia and Me • season3 2017 • Senior Art Direction, Senior Production design, Concept art, Ralph Niemeyer

The television series Mia and Me is very much inspired by the artist Gustav Klimt. Allusions to his work can be found everywhere. Not only in the robes and hairstyles of the characters. Flowers are also stylised into circles and the Klimt patterns can be found in the clouds. AWARDS: „Beste Animationsserie für Kinder“, Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart, 2012 „Kids Award in Gold für MIA AND ME Hörspiel“, 2016 Imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2203143…

Juliette Ridge