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Immerse yourself in the captivating art of Michael. Discover his unique style and creative masterpieces that will inspire and amaze you.
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Inscription: Inscribed along lower margin: "Dedicato à Sua Maestà La Regina di Polonia / Elettrice di Sassonia Arciduchessa d'Austria"; lower left: "ep. Torelli Pictor Regis" [trimmed at left]; bottom center: "Cum Privil

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The idea for this piece was originally conceived and designed by Serge Michaels (1960-2009). Michaels wrote: "Exhausted, Padmé falls asleep on her bed; she's dreaming of her childbirth while floating half submerged in a stillwater lake. It is the most peaceful, much-needed rest she's had in weeks, especially with the events to come." The final composition is based on Michaels' original sketch and idea. The work was completed by Michael Malm.

Juliette LeBlanc