Miniature trash to treasure

Discover creative ways to transform miniature trash into beautiful treasures. Get inspired and start repurposing your unwanted items into unique and charming miniatures for your collection.
Dollhouse Decorating!: doll house kitchen (bottle cap as pie tin. Gives directions on how to make the lattice-topped pie) Décor Ideas, Barbie, Furniture Ideas, Dollhouse Furniture, Modern Dollhouse Furniture, Dollhouse Decorating, Decorating Ideas, Diy Barbie Furniture, Miniture Things

Making your own doll house pies is a lot easier than you might think. You need a bottle cap, some craft foam and a small hole punch (or tiny beads or used air soft rifle pellets), glue and water, a scrap of thin brown paper. Here are step by step instructions with pictures: 1. Take an old bottle cap (you can also buy them at a craft store for a few cents), fill it with tiny beads or small punches of craft foam to see how much filling you need: 2. Dump the loose pie filling into a small…

Mike N Eve Brooks