Miranda Lambert

Discover the story of Miranda Lambert, the talented country singer who has captured hearts with her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Follow her path to success and be inspired by her music and achievements.

there comes a time in every girls life when she just has to be a bad ass. and we here at junk gypsy decided that time was now. a time when she needs to throw on a padded bra & a blonde wig… a time when she must channel miranda lambert. in case you’re confused…this is the REAL miranda… and of utmost important…a completely bad-to-the-bone guns ‘n wings tattoo on her forearm. (we won’t mention the fact that it also put us and her in the doghouse with her daddy until the end of time) and yes…we…

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Today, Miranda announced the full launch of Idyllwind Fueled by Miranda Lambert - a collection of clothing, boots and accessories, is officially available now online and in Boot Barn Stores around the country. “Idyllwind is a true expression of my style, created for the everyday girl who is also a …

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