Mixed media artwork

Explore a collection of unique mixed media artwork ideas that will ignite your creativity and bring a whole new dimension to your artistic projects. Discover how to combine different materials and techniques to create stunning and one-of-a-kind pieces.
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Hello Dear Friends! My super talented Brand Ambassadors have a very special treat for you today - again! :) April is the Stress Awareness Month and this theme provoked some really touching stories from our Artists - raw and honest both in their artmaking and sharing their personal views. I'm truly blessed to be cooperating with these exceptional ladies... How can art be a way to deal with various difficult situations in our lives? Do you ever create when you need healing or having an outlet…

Cynthia Taylor
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This collection is to remind you of all of your strength, courage and magic. Each painting is made to remind you of all the possibilities within yourself. As a contemporary Artist, I am drawn to the experimental and unpredictable nature of mixed media. In my paintings, I gather a variety of materials and layers and combine them in different ways allowing the process to guide me as I go. Mixing abstract imagery and portraits I paint bringing out the extraordinary from the ordinary. My Art…