Mixed race

Explore the beauty of mixed race individuals and gain insight into their unique experiences. Embrace diversity and learn about the rich cultural backgrounds that contribute to their identity.
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People of all ages, genders, and colors are beautiful in their own unique way. However, according to research, people of mixed races are perceived as a tad more attractive than non-mixed-race people. That’s why we decided to make a compilation of 15 images so we can take a minute and admire their beauty.

21 Mixed-Race Celebs Who Totally Rock Their Genes Dwayne Johnson, Vanessa Hudgens, Demi Lovato, Meghan Markle, Afro, Celebs, Mixed Race, Interracial Couples, Jessica Szohr

According to recent statistics, 2.9% of the US population alone is of mixed race, and we see that through the beauty of interracial couples and multicultural families around us. The entertainment industry is doing an amazing job representing these values and we see that through the actors, models, and singers we’ve fallen in love with.

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