Modern contemporary exterior design

Transform the exterior of your home with modern contemporary design. Discover top ideas to create a sleek and stylish look that will impress your guests.
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Explore the world of sustainable wooden cladding for exterior walls. Dive into the transformative impact of eco-friendly wooden cladding options, blending natural beauty with modern design elements. Discover how sustainable materials can elevate the aesthetic appeal of a home's exterior while making an environmentally-conscious statement. Join us as we journey through the harmony of nature, design, and sustainability in exterior home beautification.

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Modernist architecture has the best public relations managers since the name itself evokes notions like “contemporary” or “current,” while brutalism sounds like a metal band struggling to create an adjective. While quite recent, modernism isn’t defined by being “new,” rather, it’s a design philosophy that celebrates experimentation and rejects rules.

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Discover the power of exterior window trim options to enhance your home's architectural charm and curb appeal. From traditional wood trims to modern minimalistic designs, and from vibrant colour pops to timeless brick options, we delve into a variety of trim styles and materials that can cater to every aesthetic preference and functional requirement.

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