Experience the unique blend of European charm and North American energy in Montreal. Discover the top attractions, delicious cuisine, and lively cultural scene that make this city a must-visit destination.
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Montreal is pretty much the epitome of French Canada and a city you shouldn't miss whilst in Quebec. It is after all the largest city in French-speaking - 10 Best Things To Do In Montreal, Canada - Travel, Travel Advice - Canada, Montreal, North America, Quebec - Travel, Food and Home Inspiration Blog with door-to-door Travel Planner! - Travel Advice, Travel Inspiration, Home Inspiration, Food Inspiration, Recipes, Photography

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I remember the first time I crossed the Pont Jacques-Cartier into Montreal. After driving up from Philadelphia, it felt like I was entering a new world. It didn't feel like we were in North America anymore, somehow it seemed like we had driven into Europe. Montreal is charming and sophisticated, which is why it quickly

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