My feelings

Discover effective ways to explore and express your feelings. Find inspiration and guidance on understanding and managing emotions for a happier and healthier life.
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Some of the most common topics I see social workers and counselors teach is feeling identification and regulation. And it makes sense! Almost every student in need of counseling services could benefit ways to identify emotions in themselves or others, or learn ways to cope those feelings! As a result, I put together this activity ...

Mary Wulbecker Connelly
I think I'm gonna print out one for each of my students and have it be part of their daily routine Emotions Craft, Teaching Emotions, Craft Preschool, Emotions Preschool, Emotions Wheel, Feelings Activities, Feelings Wheel, Emotions Activities, Weather Chart

I am homeschooling my 3 yr old this year for preschool and didn't like any of the weather charts available. So my great friend and I made this cute one in Photoshop. She had these cute graphics from Etsy and I also made an arrow. I cut out the circle then laminated them. The I used a scrapbooking brad and stuck the arrow in the middle and now my boy can tell me what the weather and season are. I LOVE them! I also made this mood wheel too.

Jacqueline Driscoll Gagnon