Napkin folding rose

Learn how to fold napkins into a stunning rose shape for your table setting. Impress your guests with these creative napkin folding ideas and add an elegant touch to your dining experience.
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Royal Rose Napkins:Folding Tutorial: You can take your dining table setup to the next level by having cloth napkins folded in a fun shape or design. Folded napkins can add an elevated and professional looking touch to place settings. This Easter I folded shaped rose napkins. Last Easte…

Judy Coler Mantas
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I love making a gorgeous holiday table. You may have see my inexpensive dollar store Thanksgiving table that I posted the other day. One thing I'm not great at? Folding napkins. Napkins are not only a practical item for a holiday table setting but also an opportunity to add an elegant touch to your decor.

Brenda McMillan