Nature mandala

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with these stunning mandala designs. Explore unique patterns and intricate details to unleash your creativity and find inner peace.
I Create Mandalas From Things I Find In Nature As A Way To Meditate Mandalas, Nature, Nature Mandala Art, Nature Mandala, Forest Mandala, Nature Materials Craft, Nature Mandalas, Earth Art, Nature Crafts

On my quest to create beauty in the everyday scene, I have been expressing my art for the last 4 years in the urban environment around the inner part of Copenhagen.The mandala as a symbol helps me to create order out of chaos, stemming from a deep internal need to commit to the completion of each piece, I have enhanced the urban environment in which I live. The geometry of plants around me is multiplied throughout my work. I am also moved by the specific time of a piece, and the specific…

the vogelhouse