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Classic winter color palette: with one dominant: PANTONE 20-0146 TPM Magnetic Blue · There is total dominance of Magnetic Blue · which in its hue is the closest to International Klein Blue · #Pantone #Ultramarine #KleinBlue #Color Color Palette · Color · Blue · Cold · Contrast · Grey · Navy · White · Winter · FHI Cotton TCX · PANTONE 14-4804 TCX Blue Fox · PANTONE 19-5708 TCX Jet Set · FHI Metallic Shimmers TPM · PANTONE 20-0082 TPM Lacquer · PANTONE 20-0142 TPM Neon Navy · PANTONE 20-0146…

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Bask in the warm embrace of Apricot Eye - a summer symphony of hues captivates the senses · dance of cool and warm shades · Color Palette · Color · Cream · Navy · Orange · Summer · FHI Cotton TCX · PANTONE 11-1005 TCX Bridal Blush · PANTONE 14-4306 TCX Cloud Blue · PANTONE 15-1153 TCX Apricot · PANTONE 17-1449 TCX Pureed Pumpkin · PANTONE 19-3940 TCX Blue Depths

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Paint sheen is a measure of the reflected light from various types of paint · Paint that has a higher sheen contains more enamel · making it harder · easier to clean · and more resistant to scratching · scuffing · and staining · Color Palette · Color · Blue · Cold · Dark · Monochrome · Navy · Winter · FHI Cotton TCX · PANTONE 16-4016 TCX Soft Chambray · PANTONE 17-3912 TCX Wild Wind · PANTONE 17-4412 TCX Smoke Blue · PANTONE 18-3921 TCX Bijou Blue · PANTONE 19-3831 TCX Maritime Blue

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