Newborn baby care

Learn how to properly care for your newborn baby with these essential tips. Discover the best techniques for feeding, bathing, and soothing your little one.
9 Child Care Tips From Grandma Doctors Recommend We Forget About Newborn Care, Baby Trivia, Newborn Mom, Newborn Baby Tips, Doctor Advice, Baby Facts, Baby Care Tips, Baby Advice, Baby Milk

9 Child Care Tips From Our Grandmas That Doctors Recommend We Forget About

Scientists assume that most modern grandparents don’t upgrade or renew their knowledge on how to take care of children. They only rely on their personal experience and give advice that may be obsolete in today’s world. And some of this advice could even be unsafe or dangerous.

newborn baby hacks for moms - the shocking and unexpected things you should expect from the first week home with a baby Newborn First Week, Newborn Baby Hacks, Baby First Week, Newborn Checklist, So Sleepy, Bringing Baby Home, Newborn Tips, Mom Pants, Newborn Baby Tips

6 things no one told me to expect the first week home with baby

The first week home with a baby is a doozy... Here's what you should expect, but no one else is going to warn you about. None of this "ohhh you'll be so sleepy" "so much poop omg". These are the reality checks you need before bringing baby home from the hospital. Get ready to put your mom pants on and...

Kimberly Nalbandian

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