Nowhere boy

Explore the fascinating story of Nowhere Boy, a captivating film that delves into the early life of John Lennon. Learn about the struggles, friendships, and music that shaped the legendary musician.
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I didn't know that he is HOT..i watch this movie called 'The Thief Lord' and this Aaron Johnson was about 14, 15 yrs old in it? i went on IMDB to search for the cast of that movie and i couldn't believe my eyes that he had grew up into a very very VERY VERY GOOD LOOKING GUY..curse the puberty for making him sooo hot.. His role as John Lennon in NOWHERE BOY...(i wanna go buy the CD to watch..hehe) he looks kinda old eh? let me tell you why he HAS to be old.. HE is engaged with a 42 year old…

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