Old shirts

Don't throw away your old shirts! Discover creative ideas to repurpose them into something new and stylish. Give your old shirts a new lease on life with these innovative DIY projects.
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A Cute Apron Beth Huntington an eHow contributor has shared a wonderful way to upcycle an old shirt. She took an old powder blue checkered shirt and combined it with an orange and powder blue fabric belt and vibrant orange pockets and thus created a beautiful apron. Isn’t this wonderful? Shirt Pillow Covers Ann Drake at On Sutton Place came up with a great idea and she recycled some old and unused shirts into stylish pillow covers. The cool thing about these covers is that she kept the…

Kathrine Garbers
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As I passed by Richard's closet the other day, I noticed this lovely Springy print plaid shirt sticking out of the back. It was a shirt that he never wears anymore, so I stole it! It had "cute little girls skirt" metaphorically written all over it! So I chopped off the bottom part like this: Then I sewed shut the front opening where the buttons are. I probably could have skipped this step, but I thought it might wash better if they were sewn shut. I tried to stay right on top of the existing…

Jordan Esfeld