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Discover the captivating world of organic architecture and how it seamlessly blends with nature. Get inspired by top ideas to create your own organic oasis.
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Restaurant in a hotel in Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida. The ocean’s movement and species inspired it. The one that inspired us to shape this Restaurant in Nusa Penida was the giant clamshell. Its curvilinear exoskeleton with a hard, rigid, and outer covering serves individuals as a defensive element to protect themselves from external aggressions from predators […]

Amazing! - Interior view of Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel in Bella Vista, Arkansas by renowned Arkansas architect Euine Fay Jones, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright @ Home Design Pins

Bella Vista Arkansas is proud to be the home of the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel. The Chapel was created by renowned Arkansas architect Euine Fay Jones. In 1991, Fay Jones was awarded the American Institute of Architecture's highest award, the AIA Gold Metal. Fay was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright where he was first introduced to the principle of Organic Architecture (designing to fit the environment). Built to honor Mildred Borum Cooper, wife of John A. Cooper, Sr., Founder of Cooper…

Vanessa Norcliffe
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Completed in 2020 in Yarram, Australia. Images by McBride Charles Ryan, John Gollings Photography. Located in the heart of Yarram, South Gippsland, the Yarram and District Health Service (YDHS) Integrated Healthcare Centre is a small-scale...

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Architecture is a complex art. It requires lots of creativity to make the structures sound, as well as functional and visually appealing at the same time. This is in no way an easy task, yet some people thrive on the challenge; and they introduce to the world some of the most spectacular designs one can find.

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Coup de Coeur | Les Maisons Sculptures de Jacques Couelle – Tigmi Trading

“My houses are living beings, they have a nervous system, a stomach, intestines, a heart” - Jacques Couelle As a tribute to nature, French architect Jacques Couelle built in the 1960’s a set of houses overlooking the bay of Cannes. Commissioned by a wealthy backer, the hamlet known as Casterellas was intended to

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