Overlapping art

Discover how to create stunning and visually captivating displays with overlapping art. Get inspired by these top ideas to add depth and intrigue to your walls.
I teach this project to teach kids how to overlap to create depth, to blend common colors on the wheel, how to use watercolor p... Pastel, Art Education, Art Lesson Plans, Halloween, Art, Elementary Art, Fall Art Projects, Classroom Art Projects, Elementary Art Lesson Plans

Mariana 8th grade 8th period art Tania & Briana Breanna, Marco, Chevelle & Preciosa 9th Period Art 2019 Lyndie, Luke & Gage 1st Period Art 2019 Ambria, Katie & Yuka 2nd period Art 2019 Chris, Francie, Addyson, Moses & Lucy 3rd period Art 2019 Kaylee, Brooklyn, Anonymous & Danielle 4th period Art 2019 Athena, Maddy, Alisa & Bethany We start by going outside to collect our leaves. Hunt for leaves that are bigger than your palm, whole and untorn & unique in shape. Bring them back to the…

Gloria Kearsley