Pagan christmas

Explore the rich history and unique traditions of Pagan Christmas celebrations. Discover how to incorporate these ancient customs into your modern holiday celebrations for a truly magical experience.
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You are probably familiar with the terms Yule and Yuletide. Both are used in the sense of Christmas and Christmastide. The words however carry certain undertones that relate to the pagan traditions in pre-Christian Europe, especially to the ones of the Germanic peoples. Pagan Traditions. How Christian is today’s Christmas? The Online Etymology Dictionary of […]

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Discover the ancient tradition of burning a Yule log during the winter solstice. Learn how to decorate your own log with natural items and celebrate this magical night with candles and family activities. Get inspired now!

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Christmas is a midwinter festival celebrated on December 25th that is dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ. Those who mark it celebrate in a variety of ways. Some attend services at church- the traditional services that initially gave the festival its name: “Christ’s mass.” Even those who do not believe in…

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