Painted tin cans

Transform ordinary tin cans into beautiful decorative pieces with these creative ideas. Discover how to add a pop of color and style to your home or special event with painted tin cans.
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How to Paint on Tin |

Before you attempt to paint a tin surface, consider an important point about adhesion. Surfaces, such as drywall and wood, are porous. This characteristic leaves them well-suited for painted finishes. Unfortunately, tin is not porous. This trait makes it a poor candidate for paint.

Kathy Montgomery
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Tin Can Transformed

"Wait! Don’t throw out that tin can… Turn it into something useful with a bit of paint and your imagination. What was once an empty soup can on its way to the recycling bin is now a cute vase for my outdoor patio table. Here’s what I did. After washing out the can and soaking off the label, I spray painted it with a mint green acrylic, and allowed it to dry overnight. Then I used a pencil to roughly transfer the sketch below onto it. Next, I selected the different colours of acrylic paint…

Lisa Bagley
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Charming Recycled Songbird Tin Can Wind Chime

"All you need to make this charming wind chime for your garden is some old tin cans and an old piece of cutlery. You will need the tin cans to be of different sizes so that they fit inside one another. Spray paint each can a different colour and then decoupage them with beautiful songbird images to make the wind chime look very pretty in your garden. You can download the vintage songbirds prints for free from the blog and there are lots of different ones to choose from."