Paintings of food

Explore a collection of mouth-watering paintings that capture the beauty and essence of various food items. Add a touch of culinary art to your home decor and get inspired by these delectable masterpieces.
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It seems like only yesterday when I started doing my Wednesday morning live paintings on Instagram. I would get nervous. I would stress about it each week. I had no idea how much I would come to look forward to this part of my week. I had no idea how many new friends I would make through this journe

Vardit Dafni
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oil 12x12x1 1/2 inches magnify/purchase info Yesterday was National Donut Day. By 10:00 am the girl at the donut store was worn out and the two bottom shelves were empty. I took two glazed home and went back later for these beauties. They were still warm when I got them home. I wanted to eat one so bad!!! For this painting I toned my canvas with Indian Yellow and Thalo Red Rose which gives it a warm glow. This is painted on gallery wrapped canvas with sides painted and ready to hang…

Constanza Zegpi Hansen