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Try these mouthwatering panini recipes with chicken and take your sandwich game to the next level. Find the perfect combination of flavors and textures to satisfy your taste buds.
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If you haven’t guessed, while this Chicken Parm Panini has deep roots in Italian flavors, it’s not a traditional Italian dish , and you will not find it on your culinary travels to Rome . In fact, even Chicken Parmigiana is more American-Italian than pure Italian, probably evolving from Eggplant

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Inspired by Panera's sandwich of the same name, this chipotle chicken avocado melt recipe is a delicious and filling sandwich you can make at home. Toasted sourdough bread is layered with zesty chipotle mayo, creamy avocado slices, smoked chicken and vibrant peppadew peppers to create a dairy free panini that's full of bold flavor.

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