Pantry makeover

Transform your kitchen pantry with these creative ideas for a complete makeover. Find inspiration to create a well-organized and functional space that makes meal preparation a breeze.

Does anyone else cringe when they look at their pantry or is it just me?? We are so blessed to have a giant pantry (I never thought I would have a pantry this big in my life). But, with all this space comes the responsibility of keeping it organized. The day has finally come to

Judy Vocelka
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It's funny how home projects start. It begins with a little idea or even a complaint and the next thing you know we are finding a solution and in the middle of a full blown makeover. Thats how this started, with a little baby complaint about having no where to put my cookbooks. Ive always loved to bake and my collection of cookbooks have slowly grown with no where to go. Our kitchen pantry had wired shelves which is pretty common in closets and pantry areas, but they weren't very efficient…

Janie Robertson