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A Woman Let Strangers Do Whatever They Wanted To Her Body For 6 Hours — And The Results Were Awful Photography, Performance Artist, Performance Art, Preformance Art, Beautiful Photo, Let It Be, Lany, Pablo Picasso Art, Feminist History

In 1974, Marina Abramovic, the 'grandmother of performance art' stood silently as audience members were allowed to do anything they they wanted to her for 6 hours. The horrifying results are more important than ever for us to revisit now in the age of Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein and the MeToo Movement.

Valeria Sarto
"distant fear, looming violence and worrisome uncertainty" Street Art, Textile Art, Contemporary Art, Design, Portrait, Installation Art, Textile Sculpture, Performance Art, Contemporary

Photo by Rino Pizzi Photo by Blue Photo by Rino Pizzi Photo by Christy Cochran Photo by Art Night Austin Photo by Art Night Austin The Mending Project was a 2011 installation and performance art piece by Austin-based artist Beili Liu. The work involved an ongoing process wherein visitors were invited to cut pieces of fabric from a giant cloth upon entering the space, the fragments of which Liu then stitched back together creating a giant patchwork that gradually encircled the artist. More

Ellis Whitney