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Experience the captivating scent of blue perfume that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Explore top perfume ideas that embody the essence of tranquility and elegance.
Winter Blues… Paris, Chanel, Pins, Eau De Parfum

Do you get the Winter Blues? I do. Every year I get them. The big post-Christmas let down. The house seems so plain since removing all of the Christmas decor. Let's look at some blue inspirational photos to lift up our mood! via via via via Mary Macdonald via via could not find source via

Linda G. R. Bauer
Penhaligon's Perfume, Elisabethan Rose Perfume, Lancaster, York, Hoa, Rose, Rose Absolute, Lily, Parfum Dior, Red Lily

Welcome to the 695th Metamorphosis Monday! Over the past couple of months, without even thinking about it, I've gradually switched over to wearing some of my favorite fragrances for summer. The sunny days and warmer weather just naturally make me crave lighter, brighter scents. If you wear perfume, do you find that you move toward wearing lighter fragrances this time of year? For this week's Before and After, I thought I'd share some of the perfumes I enjoy wearing in the spring and summer…