Pergola garden

Create a stunning outdoor oasis in your garden with these inspiring pergola ideas. Enhance your outdoor space and enjoy the beauty of nature with a pergola that perfectly complements your garden design.
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Cantilevered Pergola DIY - Kismet House

Alright alright alright… we built ourselves a cantilevered pergola! We wanted to hide the overpowering view of our neighbors mediterranean home and needed some height. We knew didn’t want to overwhelm our patio with a traditional 4 post pergola, a traditional pergola would have obstructed the view of our yard from our family room windows; […]

Barbara Taylor
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Bougainvillea - Barbara Karst — Write On Rubee

Bougainvilleas are currently at their peak here in Arizona and I just love the tropical color they add to my landscaping. A native of South America, these plants come in a variety of colors such as orange, pink, red, lilac, fuschia, white and purple. I particularly like the Barba

Helen Kang