Photography themes

Explore a variety of photography themes to ignite your creativity and take your photos to the next level. Discover unique ideas and techniques to capture stunning images that tell a story.
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Document Your Year Weekly Photography Challenge - Document Your Day to Day

I put together a weekly challenge a few years ago and now I’m making it an anytime challenge, so you can sign up and get the first challenge right away. Sign up below to get a weekly email of each challenge. Practice is the best way to get better at anything. This really applies to […]Continue Reading...

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Photography Project Ideas — Live Snap Love | Photography Tips for Moms

Are you in need of some new photography project ideas? Here are 15 ideas to improve your photography, kick start your creativity and document your days! If you have been shooting for a few years like myself, it can start to feel like you are simply photographing the same things,

Michelle Hamon
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Creative photography project ideas

I’ve loved taking photos ever since I was a child and I got my first basic point and shoot film camera. But there are still those times when my creativity dries up and I feel completely uninspired, with no motivation to even pick up my camera. When this happens and I want to get my […]

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