Photoshop fail

Check out these epic Photoshop fails that will make you laugh out loud. Discover the most outrageous and cringe-worthy editing mistakes that will make you rethink the power of Photoshop.
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People enlist the help of Photoshop experts for a number of reasons, and usually expect to see the issues with their photos corrected in a clean, professional manner. The following folks, however, turned to James Fridman for their photo fix-ups, and got pretty much the polar opposite.

Michelle Mironenko
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More and more of us are staying at home during the pandemic, so it’s only natural that more of our free time is spent online and on social media. With that, more people are noticing just how much fakeness there is on Instagram and posting their finds on the Instagram Reality subreddit which has over 767k members.

Franklin R. Delee