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Explore hands-on physical science projects that will engage and inspire high school students. Discover ideas for experiments, demonstrations, and activities that make learning science fun and interactive.
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Try one of these free engineering design challenges and engineering projects for high school students to use the engineering design process.

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Last year after completing my full year biology curriculum, I decided to write a blog post to give context for why I chose the particular scope and sequence

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If you're a high school science teacher (or a soon-to-be high school science teacher), I'd like to share with you how I preferred to start the year with my freshmen and sophomores- and why! Though I

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25-page study guide for High school physics Covers the New York Regents curriculum Hand-written, original illustrations Digital PDF file Following topics covered: Vectors Forces Dynamics Kinematics Free Fall Projectile Motion Laws of Motion Friction Ramps & Inclines Circular Motion Gravity Momentum Collisions Springs Work, Power, & Energy Electric fields Electrostatics Currents Series circuits Parallel circuits Magnetism Waves Electromagnetic Spectrum Modern physics Atom models