Pichwai paintings

Immerse yourself in the world of Pichwai paintings, a mesmerizing form of traditional art that showcases intricate designs and vibrant colors. Explore top ideas to incorporate the elegance of Pichwai into your home decor.
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Pick from a range of artistically crafted wallpapers based on Pichwai cow and lotus themes, depicting the sights and sounds of Vrindavan, alongside intricate artworks portraying Sreenathji or Lord Krishna. These wallpapers go very well in living room, temple/mandir or pooja rooms or foyer walls

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Hi, there! My name is Shivani, and I am a designer and artist based in Chennai, India. My work is largely influenced by the natural world, and traditional art forms. This is an original Pichwai composition, hand-painted by me, using gouache paints on 100% cotton cold-pressed paper. Pichwai - Shrinathji with Cow and Peacocks Original Medium : Gouache on paper The word Pichwai has its roots in the Sanskrit pich (behind) and wai (hanging). A traditional art form that emerged in the 17th Century…