Plastic pellets

Discover creative and practical ways to use plastic pellets in your DIY projects. Get inspired to repurpose plastic pellets and reduce waste in a fun and innovative way.
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In my previous article, we saw how Emma Watson's gorgeous dress at the Met Gala Ball drew attention to the global problem of plastic pollution. Made from recycled plastic bottles, it was showcased as an innovative solution to our big plastic problem. However, does making clothes out of plastic actually address the current issue or further contribute to it? Never one to shy away from a sustainable conundrum, I wanted to explore more.

Christina Villanueva
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PP suppliers are companies or individuals that provide polypropylene (PP) products to various industries and businesses. PP is a versatile and durable plastic material that is used in a wide range of applications, including packaging, automotive parts, medical devices, and textiles. PP suppliers typically offer a wide selection of PP products in different forms, such as pellets, sheets, and fibers, and may also provide custom manufacturing services to meet specific client requirements.

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Nurdles. The name sounds inoffensive, cuddly even…. However, nurdles are anything but. "Nurdle" is the colloquial name for "pre-production plastic pellets" (which is in itself rather a mouthful); these are the raw material of the plastic industry – the building blocks for plastic bottles, plastic bags, drinking straws, car components, computer keyboards – in fact almost anything you can think of that's made of plastic.

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