Plated desserts

Elevate your dessert game with these plated dessert ideas that are sure to impress your guests. Indulge in a variety of flavors and textures with these stunning creations.
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Sweet and sour orange meets sweet nutty almond and floral lavender in a variety of temperatures and textures in this fun dessert. Though nothing in this is hard to make on its own, there are a lot of components. Thankfully many can be prepared in advance for an easy assembly and serving. I like to make everything but the marshmallow topping up a day or two in advance.

Karen McCants Abbott
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For a beautiful dessert that'll challenge your skills in the kitchen, look no further than this celebration of autumnal fruit from Andrew Gravett. Dulcey chocolate, figs and blackcurrants are presented in the format of cream, compote, coulis and sorbet, with little almond sablé biscuits adding a crunchy textural contrast.

Great British Chefs
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We’re going to make a very delicious winter chocolate & pear dessert. It’s a whiskey & chocolate cream with a dulcey de leche cremeux, chocolate feulletine, a pear & cardamom sorbet and a beautiful caramelized pear & whiskey gel.The dulce de lecheSubmerge a can of condensed milk in a pan filled with water and bring this to a boil for 3 hours. We do this to caramelize the condensed milk. If necessary add more water to insure it stays submerged. After the three hours gently take the can out of…

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This is the Aero chocolate taken to the next level. It has the same airiness but with high-quality chocolate and enhanced hazelnut flavour. This recipe doesn’t use other oils, which is common in other aerated chocolate recipes which is mainly used to thin out the chocolate and make it easier to incorporate air and use in the siphon. Adding other oils dilutes the flavour or could also impart and off-putting taste. This recipe uses cocoa butter instead, which has the same effect but with a…

Josie Warmka