Plywood Furniture

Discover the beauty of plywood furniture with these modern and stylish ideas. Upgrade your home decor and create a unique and trendy space with these innovative plywood furniture designs.
Our Shibui Shelves, also designed and Melbourne, are also an example of minimalist furniture which provide a flexible alternative to permanent cabinetry. Visually light and taking a leaf from Japanese design sensibilities, the Shibui serves as modern bedroom storage, a room divider, living room cabinetry and office shelving. Furniture Design, Ikea, Interior, Diy Furniture, Diy Möbel, Modern Storage Furniture, Furniture Diy, Plywood Furniture, Modern Storage

We know what it’s like to live in transitionary states. It seems our whole life is in a state of flux. From days shifting from rental-to-rental, to life with growing children, and of course the well-earned years as an empty nester - our needs within the home are ever changing. We all have unique requirements and more o