Polymer clay tree

Get inspired with these stunning polymer clay tree ideas for crafts and home decor. Create unique and intricate designs that will add a touch of nature to your projects.
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Polymer Clay Cherry Tree

Here is you learn how to make a cherry tree out of polymer clay. Supplies: Polymer clay of green color Small red beads 0.8mm bronze jewelry wire 1.5mm bronze jewelry wire Styrofoam Styrofoam glue Artificial moss Flower pot Roll the polymer clay and cut into many slices. Cut the 0.8mm wire into pieces (6-7 cm) and wrap the green slice around...

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Polymer clay tree tutorial - FImo DIY, polymer clay tutorials

Today we’ll learn how to make a fimo tree. Hope you enjoy this polymer clay tree tutorial. It will help us on our next landscape projects. We need some brown clay for the tree trunk and difference green and yellow clay for the leafs. Let’s get started with our clay project 🙂 For the

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