Pottery wheel diy

Learn how to make your own pottery wheel with these creative DIY ideas. Start your pottery journey and unleash your inner artist with these beginner-friendly projects.
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Well, here is the finished product. A homemade pottery wheel for under five dollars. Except for the stainless steel drain hole in the upper right hand corner of the table top the entire wheel was constructed with recycled or reclaimed found materials. This was a really fun project, so much so that I am going to build another wheel with a slightly different design. If you would like to see additional photos of the building process you can check out my slide show at my other blog that I write…

Lou Talbert
DIY potters wheel... i might just HAVE to do this... i miss ceramics sooo much Diy, Crafts, Wheel, Workbench, Pottery Wheel Diy, Craft Room, Ceramic Tools, Pottery Classes, Pottery Wheel

Pt. 1 How to Build a Potters Wheel With a Treadmill Motor!: This tutorial is pt 1. the quick version of how to build a potters wheel using parts from the scrap pile and parts from a $10 treadmill. I've searched high and low on the web to get information regarding this subject, but it all seems so…

Lou Traylor