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Transform your PreK classroom into a vibrant and interactive space with these creative and engaging setup ideas. Enhance learning and create a nurturing environment for your little ones.
A consistent classroom routine can be key to classroom management! Check out this schedule for a special needs pre-school class! Classroom Setup, Organisation, Montessori, Classroom Ideas, Pre K, Classroom Daily Schedule, Classroom Schedule, Classroom Routines, Special Education Classroom

...I was only 7 when that song came out, but either way, you're now reading this title with the tune to that song. #missionaccomplished I frequently get asked on comments or through messages what my daily routine looks like in the classroom. I love seeing daily schedules. When creating the perfect schedule and routine for your classroom, you need to bounce around some ideas and suggestions. And where else better to get those suggestions than from other teachers?! In most grade levels you…

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A free printable sign in sheet template for Preschool or Pre-K. Use this template to create a daily morning routine that includes fine motor development. You can easily add pictures of your students to this template to make it more meaningful and easy to use. Perfect for writing practice and attendance tracking too!

Carie Dry
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Emergency drills (fire drills especially) can be terrifying for preschoolers and many children. It’s loud, sometimes crazy if it’s unannounced, interrupts their routine, and there can be students everywhere. They are...

Sara Clair
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Let's chat about the hardest thing in the classroom. Classroom management. Implementing a behavior management system that has a day-to-day structure and addresses challenging student behaviors is imperative for success. Creating a caring classroom environment with visual supports, classroom routines, intentionally teaching social skills, and effective planning are critical to effective classroom management. Then the learning can occur.

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