Preschool room layout

Design a functional and inspiring preschool room with these creative layout ideas. Explore different setups and create a welcoming environment for young learners.
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Given your unique space, consider organizing your room to best fit the needs and traffic patterns of your children. Ask yourself these questions when designing your space: What is the purpose of each space in your room? Where will quiet places in my room be? Where will louder activities happen? Consider putting loud and quiet […]

Leanne MacDonald
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I remember being a new teacher and waiting so anxiously to get into my new room! I tried to imagine what it would look like...the center areas, the little tables and chairs, the storage space, etc. How would I arrange my new room? What centers would I have? Would I have enough shelves and tables? Those were just a few of the hundreds of thoughts I had before I started school. I drew my layout on notebook paper late at night when I had new teacher jitters and on napkins as I waited for my…

Vivian Arcos