Pride and prejudice poster 1995

Celebrate the timeless romance of Pride and Prejudice with stunning posters from the 1995 film adaptation. Find the perfect poster to showcase your love for this classic story.
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The life and times of "Emma" author Jane Austen

Jane Austen may have written her books over 250 years ago, but their themes remain as relevant today as ever before. But what do we know about her? What do we know about the life and times of Jane Austen?

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Period TV Drama Series

I love watching period dramas and here I'll be focusing on the period tv series and tv movies I've seen. They are listed in random order. Most of them are great, especially some of the recent BBC ones. You can also see the list of Period Movies I've seen at this link here You can check out my period movies blog at Also, you can visit my movie blog at where I blog about anything…

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