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Add a touch of elegance to your outfit with stunning princess jewelry. Discover top ideas to sparkle like a princess and make a statement with your style.
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Rhea was a girl with a really bad past and very gruesome history she was tortured and forced into gaining power and al she wanted to do was die the only thing she had to console her was watching anime and star gazing when she was on her final breath at the age of 21 she looked at the stars and the memories of all the anime she had watched flooded her mind. And her favourite Hunter x Hunter was the one she was going to miss the most then she passed away or so she thought, she woke up crying…

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Book  1 of 'His Queen' Series:   Princess Isabella Danvers was marrie… #generalfiction #General Fiction #amreading #books #wattpad Gothic Jewellery, Victorian Jewelry, Gothic Jewelry, Renaissance Jewelry, Medieval Jewelry, Medieval Necklace, Jewelry Necklaces, Jewelery, Jewelry Accessories

Book 1 of 'His Queen' Series: Princess Isabella Danvers was married to Prince Reed at the age of eighteen. She is the oldest of four sisters and she was to marry the prince of her neighboring kingdom, and make a heir that would end the war between them. She was happy for about seven month until she found her sister and her husband in bed having an intimate moment. With a broken heart she ran away. A witch finds her on the verge of death and saves them both. Staying with her as she learns…

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Welcome! Sun Earrings-Sun Earrings-Purple Stone Earrings All jewelry comes in a pretty gift box, ready to be given as a gift or a gift to yourself. DETAIL: Craftsmanship: handmade • The product is BRASS • Our product is made of ZIRCON • To prevent the color of your jewelry from fading; Care should be taken to avoid contact with external factors such as cream and alcohol. Keeping your jewelry in a pouch or a box after using it will prolong the life of your jewelry. • You can do your product…