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Learn the best practices and strategies for a successful product launch. Discover how to create buzz, generate excitement, and drive sales for your new product.
25 Product Launch Announcement Email Examples (From Real Brands) Promotion, Web Design, Instagram, Sale Emails, Email New, Email Campaign, New Website Announcement, Marketing Email Ideas, Email Marketing Campaign

Building anticipation before you launch your new product is the best way to trigger the customers’ desire to purchase it. Although you need a long email list to leverage this tactic, it works if it’s done right. Your launch campaign needs to leverage more channels such as paid and organic social media or PR, but email marketing is also a very effective way of reaching out to the prospects. The people on your email list expect you to share news related to your product. Therefore, there is a…

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How to Create a Launch Plan That Gets You Noticed - Station Seven Content Marketing, Business Tips, Inbound Marketing, Launch Plan, How To Start A Blog, Business Planning, Launch Strategy, Business Plan Template, Business Strategy

If you’re gearing up to launch your new product or website, it’s so important to have a marketing plan in place. You’ve worked so hard to create an amazing offering, so when you launch, you want to see your biz take off! All too often, a launch plan is overlooked. It's easy to find oursel

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How to launch a new brand identity in 7 days Business Launch Announcement Social Media, Online Branding, Brand Marketing, Brand Strategy, Social Media Branding, Product Launch, Social Media Branding Design, Brand Promotion, Business Marketing Plan

So you want to launch a new brand identity, but you want to do it fast. Maybe you’re on a tight schedule and needed to rebrand yesterday, or you just don’t have the capacity or energy to dedicate weeks to an in-depth design process. Hey, I’ve been there! Whatever your reason, it’s possible to launch […]

RIHANNA’S FENTY BEAUTY & SEPHORA FRANCE LAUNCH PARTY Web Design, Beauty Event Ideas, Beauty Expo, Beauty Brand, Corporate Event Design, Booth, Display Design, Event Design, Corporate Events Decoration

Rihanna celebrated the September 8 launch of her iconic beauty brand, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna in Paris, France last night and it was a magical evening. Special guests such as press, makeup influencers, artists, and fans at the event received personalized Fenty Face makeup consultations from the Fenty Beauty Global Artistry Team, including Hector Espinal

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It’s easy to look at your insta-neighbor’s 5-6 figure launches and think…”wow, she makes it look so easy”Frustration sets in. Dread. Self-doubt. Sound familiar? What we often don’t see are the time, planning, effort, financial investment, and MOST IMPORTANTLY THE SYSTEMS that go in the backend of successful launches. Successful launches don’t start during Day […]

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