Purple shampoo and conditioner

Discover the perfect purple shampoo and conditioner to enhance and maintain the vibrancy of your hair. Achieve a stunning and long-lasting purple hue with these top-rated products.
What happens when you use too much purple shampoo

Yes, there is such a thing as overdoing it! If you use too much purple shampoo or leave it for too long, your hair can turn lilac! And as much as an unwanted color is horrifying in itself, too much product can also build up on your scalp, making your hair brittle and dry. So don’t guess your way on this one. While lilac hair may seem an extreme case, neutralizing too many yellows with purple shampoo will most likely lead to darker and duller hair.

Donna Carlino
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The ILLUMINEX range from PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver has a new collection of sulphate-free, vegan colour enhancing shampoos and conditioners for brighter blonde hair! I thought I'd tried pretty much every purple shampoo and conditioner but somehow I hadn't come across or tried Provoke's Touch of Silver strengthening shampoo and conditioner, and I'm pretty mad about it because I've been missing out!!! 😫 And, I just learned that they are the original purple shampoo, so I guess I've been living…

Lynelle Pienaar
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Purple shampoo is the most effective hair-care product when it comes to removing brassiness from the hair. In addition, even though you may have assumed that purple-colored products were only for your friends with silver and blonde tresses, we are here to inform you that purple shampoo, masks, and conditioners can be beneficial in neutralizing unwanted tones in some brown or black hair.

Dessie Stamas