Pvc chicken feeder

Discover how to make a practical and cost-effective PVC chicken feeder for your poultry. Check out top ideas and create a convenient feeding solution for your chickens.
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I made this chicken feeder. It is made out of 1 piece of 3 inch pipe 2 end caps and one 90° elbow. I cut a 1.5 foot piece off one end and drilled 1.75 inch holes with a door knob style hole cutter. I fit them together and stuck it through the hole in the chicken wire resting it on the bottom. I attached it to the 2"x4" with a metal strap with a piece of 1"x3"x 4" spacer made of scrap wood. I put a handle on the top of the top end cap.for easy removal and easy filling. Chickens are already…

Mercedes Hedrick
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PVC Chicken Feeder With Meter: I'm not sure if anyone else has done this, but if you have, it will confirm that my idea was a good one! I just finished my coop and I wanted a way for my wife and kids to tell if the chickens needed more food without having to open the coop, unhook…

Angela Patton- Foster
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This is surely the simplest chicken feeder ever! This DIY PVC Feeder is a must for your chicken coop, which helps preventing chickens scooping the feed out of the feeder and it’s so easy to make. This will make your life so much easier and save money, cool? (Image: Backyard Chickens) Let’s go further to […]

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