Pyrography tips

Take your pyrography skills to the next level with these expert tips. Learn how to create stunning wood burning art and unleash your creativity today.
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Pyrography comes from the Greek word “pyro” meaning fire and “graphy” meaning writing. Today, many woodworkers, woodturners, and hobbyist are using pyrography or woodburning to provide surface enhancements to their work. This might include detailing the rim on a bowl, adding Native American symbols, or creating textures and patterns on a piece. Many people combine wood burning

Paul Loughlin
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Sanding, like it or hate it, is a part of being a wood burning artist. Sanding your wood before and after you burn can make your entire piece and your burn lines crisper. A smooth wood surface will help you create a smoother, better burn. It is worth the time it takes to make it smooth, trust us.

Gale Crawford